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Important Things All People Should Know About Visa Waiver Program

Visa waiver program (VWP) is a program in us that allows people to travel to specific countries without permission. This programs allow people from us or VWP countries to travel for only business or tourism. The countries that are selected for this program are only developed countries. There are 38 countries that qualify for this program among them Australia, Germany and Portugal.

You will only travel to the USA if only you have a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA authorization is required when entering a sea or air vessel that is traveling to USA. Electronic System for Travel Authorization can be defined as an electronic wen based system, that is operated by Us Custom and Border Protection (CPS). This system screen passengers who are under visa waiver program when they are moving to USA. ESTA approval is required for people who are traveling to the US under VWP . When you plan to travel to the US, ensure that you first get authrorization of ESTA. The authorization in the most case last for a period of two years. There are various situation where a person is required to apply a new ESTA. When you change your name, apply for new passport, change your gender, and change citizenship you must apply for a new ESTA.

In order for one to be eligible for this program there are things that he/she must qualify. This program is only for the citizen of the US and the 38 qualifying countries. You only be allowed in this program is alone you are going for business or tourism in a period of fewer than 91 days. A valid credit card and a passport from qualifying countries is another mandatory requirement. In addition you need to provide your contact and recent employment information.

The passport presented in addition must have a digital passport. A digital photograph is not laminated or glued but the one which is printed on the passport. A machine readable passport is also required. In circumstances where the applicant don't possess a machine-readable passport, he/she has an option of applying for a visa or applicable passport.

There are exemptions of people from the qualifying countries who cannot visit the US using this program. Citizen of if the specified VWP countries who have traveled to Somalia, Iran, Libya, Syria, and Sudan do not qualify for this program. However, diplomat are exempted from this condition. Another category of people who are exempted are people who are both citizen of VWP countries, and also citizen of Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

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